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MUST READ: Say Goodbye to pimples forever by following these 5 steps……..

When I first started breaking out from acne when I was 10 years old, my parents bought me all sorts of cosmetic products that promised to clear them away. Of course, nothing I used worked and by the time I became a teenager, I felt hopeless. I was made to believe that this was a natural part of growing up and that they would go away once my hormones balanced out.

Only one part of that was actually true — once I stabilized my hormones, my skin would stop breaking out. However, it wasn’t going to do it on its own.
I have family members who are in their late 20s and 30s who are still suffering from horrible acne breakouts, which disproves the idea that they will go away on their own.
There are more people today suffering from pre-teen and adult acne than ever before and I can tell you right now that it isn’t natural which is why i will like to share what actually worked for me through the 5 easy step to how you can have that perfect clear skin that you have always wanted like i did mine.

Step One: Wash And Cleanse Your Face
The First step to having a clear skin is not actually in the products that you use but in what exactly that you do during the process of being on your way to having those clear skin.

Ensure you wash your face both in the morning and night. By simply washing your face, it helps to clear over the makeup of the previous night and also the sweat on your face that must have accumulated on your face.
By using a gentle organic cleanser, you can get to cleanse your face most because of the makeup that you use as if left and just rinsed with water alone, it leads to more skin hyper pigmentation, dark spot or even wrinkles on your face.

Step Two: Treat Acne.
One of the problems that most women face most especially when it comes to having a clear skin is when they have issues with acne which is why one of the best ways of helping to treat this is when you use a toner and also a cleanser which has to organic to help you treat acne which also helps to clear your skin.
You can also visit the dermatologist for help with this.



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  12. oluwaseun afolabi

    my own solution to pimples is firstly herbs and secondly stop using sponge to scrub ur face while bathing. always use ur palm and soap to scrub d face and there after always try to rub and drink aloe vera every morning. with time, I bet u is gone.

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