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Enugu Billionaire Buries Mother In Hummer SUV Instead Of Casket (See Photos)

Hummer Casket

Excess money or do we say so much love? A Nigerian billionaire (name withheld), based in Enugu recently buried his mother in a Hummer.The moneybag used the sport utility vehicle instead of a traditional casket to bury his beloved mother.He also splashed the car with over 10,000 dollars.

Hummer Casket3


  1. he can bury his mother with an SUV yet the environment look deserted and unkept. abeg the car and the grave sight nor follow at all. he should help hundred of Pple with money he have plss

  2. He was 100% crazy, he waste our Nigeria’s money

  3. This is a movie joor

  4. I Dont Believe On It,

  5. Real madness.

  6. Dis is a movie oooo

  7. Not true,joor

  8. this is a corruption that the fighters need to fight.

  9. This pic with its aforementioned caption has been in circulation since last year… N’ you know what, it is just a movie… #GetYourFactsRight.

  10. Did She Want To Drive It To Heaven?Youth Are Jobless In D Country Nd A Person Is Spending Lavishly On A Dead Body.

  11. Dis is just a movie…..

  12. Dis is wasting of money ther ar some suffering out ther rubbish

  13. this is crazy and eveo you’ve sin to God and even your mother and remmeber dat you also will b berried with landcruiser

  14. You too much my friend…. I haill you….

  15. sir body of Africa

    He look like real but just a Nigeria movie even in 2005 I wrote a story like that tittle ATELEWO OKU when a pastor bury with plenty gold and ppl latter go and remove the dead body and cut the neck,legs and hand of the pastor just because of that gold

  16. he z really referred as a fool rich man.

  17. I think it’s a movie and if it’s not a movie it’s madness

  18. It can never be true. If it is true, give us the name of the billionaire, other photographs taken during the ceremony etc.
    This is one of computer tricks

  19. This is vanity, go and read Ecclesiastes

  20. Not a True it Is Movie

  21. Which ever way burried, the end and most important is her fate on the day of jugement
    A typical rich fóol. Someone culd have said God bless you if gave it to him/her he could guve him a padon someday for doing good

  22. Which ever way burried, the end and most important is her fate on the day of jugement
    A typical rich fóolish man. Someone culd have said God bless you if gave it to him/her he could guve him a padon someday for doing good

  23. big lie it a movie I av watched it

  24. He most be crazing,some people are suffering for money to do necessary thing in life, you’re using as you seen it, God will punish you and your dead mom.

  25. No comment…..

  26. if I hear

  27. mr no name posted

    it can not takeher 2 heaven.

  28. Its just a movie


  30. Una dey see how Nigeria money they waster chai God punish una fa…

  31. No need 4 d curses its just a movie dats bin tagged wit a fake story

  32. Poster u de mad, y u d lie like dis?

  33. may God help us

  34. The return of ukwa. A movie that Nkem Owo and patience ozokwo featured and others.

  35. dis picture is frm a movie, i even hv it in my living room.

  36. Mohammed Abdullahi.

    lnsted of this man to share this money among the less prevail age in the society he miss use it.

  37. My people dnt mind him, he use his mother for rechuare to hv dat money so, if he do so no prblm.(owo abu lafi n’sabu l’alejo.)

  38. Christian Peter Chinedu

    And as it appointed unto men once to die, after judgment follows. If the son and the mother are not born again Christians, the San will quickly rush the woman inside deepest deep of hell fire. Crazy money.

  39. Lies joor this is a movie called get rich or die young

  40. Bros, u did well, but question is this, when this woman was still alive how many jeep did u buy for her?

  41. fake news…that hummer is for “apams groups” not for any billionaire…it was a film shot some yrs back

  42. Wat is dat for?Hw many lives has he touched.Infact his dead Moda don’t nid dat.

  43. una film film trick

  44. is not true

  45. nothing but film.

  46. Jst a film joo


  48. Full lies

  49. Its DAT one dat wl make he/her parents Go even whn ellot of Nigeria re surval,god go punish de guy in.

  50. wish ever way it can not take her to heaven…

  51. that is big lie, and if is true. the man is a big fool

  52. na yeye man he b jare useless richman

  53. Wich evar way…..

  54. Akuku I hear

  55. a real enugu man or guy will not try or do such a thing

  56. shadex morenike

    it cnt b true

  57. jcan’beleave,that

  58. Augustine Adamu

    As You Do That 4 Your Mother, Then Help The One’s That Is on nid To.

  59. What’s d billionaires name?.

  60. It’s all bunch of lies, if not, mention his or her name

  61. it is a very big lie rubbish

  62. Hello

  63. Na God go JOoooo

  64. God ans my prayer, but not like this selfish man.

  65. IT’S LIE



  67. he s my inlaw o it happened real life oooo.

  68. the deadbdy no go enta heaven na hellfire jail direct una dy go evn u poster…bt only if it’s true.

  69. mumu do u tink dat wil tak ha 2 heaven


  71. This is a movie titled, get rich and die young, so stop diciving yourself

  72. Its jst a movie oo acted by nkem owoh none as osuofia titled get reach and die young so stop saying rubbish about enugu state

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