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Yoruba Star Actor, Odunlade Adekola, Shares Picture Of His New Born Baby & Wife

This is lovely. The glo amba$$ador is enjoying life and I’m very happy for him.


He Shared this Photos in His Instagram Page and captioned it:

“Glory be to God… oruko omo wa yo ma jeeeeeee #ADEDORE (#DORE#) thank you my people. ORE a wole towa ooo”

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  1. I’m happy for you sir

  2. I need a responsible wife

  3. adebeso olasunkanmi gafar

    dats nice

  4. u ar well com and god bless

  5. Happy marriage life nd happy family

  6. Your wife looks so natural. Omo Iran Ologo proper. May God ur new baby!

  7. dagboru congrat

  8. may almighty god bless him 4 u

  9. am very happy 4 u and ur family ma God bless u

  10. am soo happy for you

  11. congrats 2 u

  12. new born baby, may you herit gud thing in life. am happy for both of you.

  13. tolu folayan akinyemi

    odun nd ruth congrats o may god bless ur union nd ur baby adedoro

  14. i’m hapi 4 u sir,dat baby is really carboncopy of u,may d baby be a blessin 2 ur family in IJN

  15. God we bless u

  16. Infact your wife looks natural. and beautiful I can see the glory of Almighty God in your family. Keep it up

  17. Akinmegha Kayikunmi

    Glory be to God in Heaven


  19. Wao ur wife has a natural beauty .may God bless ur family

  20. hapy famly god will heple

  21. God Bless Ur New Baby In Jesus Name

  22. congratulations sir. I wish u all goodness of life. may God bless your baby.

  23. I need a women

  24. may God bless u nd ur family, love u nd ur movies sir.

  25. God bless you and your baby he or she sha make your family name more Greater In the World But Becarefull bro No one like to see someone make it in life

  26. Happy New baby,,,,,,,,,Thank God,..ooooo Oluomo loma je

  27. olorun ape lomo ani alubarika ju baba e loo koni dii ero eyin pelu ogo olorun loge (AMIN)

  28. Olaluwoye Ayobami abimbola

    May god help u nd watche him,he will be prosper by Allah name no evil shall be4 d child.wlcm to d world new baby.

  29. congratulation the lord will continue to bless your home in Jesus name the lord will keep you,your family and ur new baby in Jesus name. I love your wife natural beauty keep it up .HAPPY HOME FOREVER

  30. Olayanju John Ayobami

    Apy Celebration,kep It Up Mr Odunlade Adekola,we Ar Enjoin Ur Movie O,apy Celebration Once More

  31. Morohunmubo Omoniyi

    God Should Protect Ur New Born Baby

  32. U are having a great wife, god bless ur family

  33. lovely family
    happy 4 u

  34. congratulations God will bless ur new baby

  35. mo ba yin yo ooo

  36. I thank God on ur behave sir

  37. Congratulation! May God bless ur family.

  38. Your wife is lovely may your new baby fulfill his ambition in life

  39. Congrats. may the lord bless and watch your family and the new born baby am happy for you

  40. harleemart horluwarsheun

    Congrats. May God bless the baby

  41. ur wife looking beautiful and ur baby god bless you and your family

  42. congrats ,may the Lord almighty continues to shine in your family. what you will used to take care of the new baby and your family the God Almighty will provide it for you. you will not see disaster in your family. l like your wife, she look natural and beautiful.

  43. congrats ,may the Lord almighty continues to shine in your family. what you will used to take care of the new baby and your family the God Almighty will provide it for you. you will not see disaster in your family. l like your wife, she look natural and beautiful.

  44. Awujoola opeyemi

    Congrat sir may God bless ur new born baby

  45. Fadebi Abiodun Folarogba

    congratulation the lord will
    continue to bless your home in
    Jesus name the lord will keep
    you,your family and ur new baby
    in Jesus name. I love your wife
    natural beauty keep it up .HAPPY

  46. congratulation

  47. May God bless ur home,and bless ur new born baby wit ur remaining children, God will bless u more to do Father for ur family now and forevermore. Ameen.

  48. Congrat sir,

  49. Sunday oluwadamilola Helen


  50. Congrats sir, Omo na a to loruko. E ko ni fi oju sun kun re ni agbara Olorun. Happy family nd wat a beautiful wife u av gotten. God bless ur union.

  51. Omotolani Olaitan

    Happy Home Mr Odunlade may God bless ur home nd our new born baby amen

  52. CONGRAT Bros….

  53. kehinde oshunnubi

    May d almighty God bless ur home an protect ur new born baby an all ur children as 4 ur wife uncle odun I love her so much how I wish she is my sister she natural she is one of d best wife in the hole world pls sir takecare of her o! Iru won sho won, God bless ur home ijn.

  54. Anifowose maryam Olammy

    may god bless ur marriage nd ur new born baby( ADEDORE) more blessing bros saamu Alajo!!!

  55. may God be with u an ur nw born baby.

  56. May God blessed you and your family

  57. Ajoke Gold Oluwakemi

    Oluwa awo e,Oba oke ada e si,omo Tojo baba e…


  59. Happy life I wish

  60. Congratulations sir

  61. Ayodele Johnson

    handsome baba, beautiful mama = stunningly beautiful baby. congrats to our movie delight

  62. Congratulation for your new blessing

  63. Owolabi Emmanuel

    Congratulation,d name of d new child will not b find. In d preson, d reason y God have send d baby to this world will bfufill.this time next year God will give u twince, in Jesus name. God bless your home,business,and everything consinens u[IN JESUS NAME I PRAY]

  64. May God continue to watch over u and ur family IJN

  65. olabisi Ayodele

    congratulation sir

  66. olabisi Ayodele

    congratulation sir may GOD bless ur home.

  67. Mr dagboru eku Ayo omo olohun a dasi funwa o adedore ATO oloruko atun ni opolopo aburo lehin amin mo like iyawo yin gan black and shine keep it up

  68. olanrewaju Abiodun

    Congratulation to u sir, may the glory of God be with the baby and the family together,u are all bless in Jesus name amen.

  69. Adejoke Aderonke

    Congratulations to your families

  70. I’m happy and girate happy 4 u sir

  71. omotundeyoung shalewa

    I’m happy for you sir

  72. Mr Odunlade,Congratulatn for ur bouncing baby

  73. Dis Is A Gud News Adebayo Aremu Abere Congrat.

  74. Ojebode Olaitan

    May God bless d new born baby nd d family in jesus name Amen.

  75. Habubakri basirat

    Congratulation, may God bless ur home nd ur new baby

  76. Congrats Mr and Mrs Adekola Odunlade. God bless d new born baby and d entire family.

  77. Adeyemo Oluwatunmise

    Wow! Congrats…

  78. may the Lord bless u, the new born baby n ur family at large. congratulations!!!

  79. You and your wife are looking good.

  80. Good father God we give u evrytin u need in ur life. Ameen adupe fun Olohun toje ki omo na wasi aye. Happy happy happy

  81. Good father God we give u evrytin u need in ur life. Ameen adupe fun Olohun toje ki omo na wasi aye. Happy happy happy.

  82. Congrats,may God bless d baby

  83. eku orire

  84. Awobusuyi oluwadamilola tumininu

    Am happy 4 u.congrats.u married d best wife ever.a wife who is successful making her husband growth

  85. Happy new born baby to u

  86. God bless your family

  87. Congrat

  88. wasiu opeyemi waspawise

    Congrats my big broda,,happy sweet family

  89. Congrat.ur wife natural beauty n ur baby ur carbon copy looks just lyk u.long life for d baby.he has come to be something good in life ijn.Amen

  90. Congrats ina loju ekun

  91. Happy celebration to u ad yr family
    I pray dat God of protector will protect d new beby ad all of yr familys.

  92. Happy celebration to u ad yr family
    I pray dat God of protector will protect d new beby ad all of yr familys.

  93. Ibunkun oluwatoyin

    Congrat sir, dis ur wife is a big fish inside d ocean, natural beauty is good

  94. Congratulation sir

  95. adebayo anuoluwapo

    congratulations 2 u, may d lord bless ur household

  96. May god bless Ur home ad Ur baby happy mariage life sir

  97. welcome home baby


  99. kabirat yusuff ANIKEADE

    welcome baby boy DADDY & mom so handsome & pretty no wonder you newborn is such a sweetie congratulations

  100. fasuji olubukola

    Dad and mum DORE congrats

  101. Happy Married Lyf Lnglye Nd Prosperity Sir.

  102. Halimah A. Oyelowo

    Congratulations bro, I wish d baby all d gud tins in life. Olorun awo Olorun adasi.

  103. Congrats bro nd stay fulfilled

  104. Congrat sir….and d glory of the lord shine upon them….so does it shine upon ur family…happy for u.

  105. Congrat 2 u people ad ur new born baby

  106. Ayodokun Esther

    happy for u sir

  107. Ayodokun Esther

    we tank God for Ur baby

  108. Eku ewu OMO & What is his/her Name.

    Pls u can kindly send it to my E-mail Account below.

    That is if u wish to.

    Ounje Omo o n ki koro emi a de je ounje.

    This is my acc No.

  109. Oshifodunrin Balikis

    Congrat oooo

  110. Congratulation

  111. May God bless d new born baby

  112. umukoro Catherine

    Ayo abarabintin, congratulations to you sir

  113. Ajayi Kehinde Hannah

    Congrat , D Lord We Bless D Baby Nd D Will Of God Wi B Done In Is Life.

  114. Olorun Ada Omo Si Koni Sare Aje Alalubarika Ikakoni Lagbara Lori Loruko Jesu (Amin)

  115. Olorun Ada Omo Si Koni Sare Aje Alalubarika Omo Ikakoni Lagbara Lorie Loruko Jesu (Amin)

  116. Congrats 2 u n ur family, welcome 2 new world baby

  117. Congrat super man@movie lolz. Welcome to life n also wcl to d Real world.I pray d new born won’t bring sadness to ur home n d baby it self will be d Greatest!!!!!!

  118. eku ewu ooooooo….. ibeji Letowo ooooooo

  119. am happy for u sir

  120. wow…see good wife and good baby too God will continue to protect urn family ijn

  121. Solola Rumot omotayo

    E Ku ewu omo, olorun awo adaasii, ko nii kuu mooyin loju o. A diiru a diigba . e jeere e ati a won egbon e. A too oloruko o.

  122. may your precious new born baby brings a happiness to the world and special joy to you

  123. Babatunde Ishola Folorunsho Oyenusi Mufutau Aremu Abere I congrtulate u and ur wife may u live long to archive ur goals in Jesus Name

  124. you made the right choice,and also your wife look so natural and beautiful may God bless the new born baby,amen.

  125. may d lord blessed ur home nd death will nt be ur portion insha Allah.

  126. u ar welcome 2d word

  127. olori adeola kikelomo

    Congratulation daddy baby,may the newborn baby bring more joy,blessing & happiness to the family,I wish (ADEDORE)longlife and prosperity. (AMEN)

  128. E ku ori re naa. Oluwa a da omo naa si. Amin.

  129. U are welcome darling. Congrats bro

  130. Bakare mistura Adeola

    Eku ewu omo

  131. i thank god 4 ur life ….. Mr & Mrs Odunlade ……God Bless u nd ur family nd d Bless baby

  132. congratulations on ur new born baby…. happy family home…

  133. Congrat and God will make the child the blessed one to the family

  134. adesegun benjamin

    Baba DORE a.k.a saamu alajo, alani, dagboru. Wishing u and ur family the best in life and. An everlasting joy


  136. Congratulation this we not be the last in your family in Jesus name

  137. odun why do u preferred married an S.U while u have all the beautiful girl around u that u work together in the industry?

  138. congratulations

  139. oriasotie violet

    Congratulations Mr and Mrs, for baby welcome world of grace enjoy d goods of d world

  140. Mrs R.S Afolabi ASLG

    Congratulations Mr &Mrs Adekola, Olorun awo, Olorun adasi fun wa, eleyi koni je opin ore fun yin ijmn.

  141. Eku Orire O, Olorun Awo Olorun Adasi

  142. Am tohlulorpeh holuwardorlarbohmii

    I love ur baby name,nd i pray dat d tym dat d baby enter ur family evil tins will nt happen nd u will nt b poor nd ur wealth nd ur famous wil neva decrease,ijn,amen

  143. Concrat o dagboru api married live,the baby wil grow 2 build the gud name of ur family IJN

  144. God bless d new born baby

  145. Luvly family congrats

  146. Congratulations….

  147. congratulations sir, God bless ur new baby nd ur home IJN. Amen

  148. happy celebration to u n ur family

  149. fakorede oyinkansola

    Am so happy for u sir, may God bless ur Union and I pray the baby we live long and u shall reap the fruit of ur labour. (IJSN) amen

  150. congratulations sir

  151. God bless Adedore

  152. Abdullateef Suliyat Olayemi

    Congrat my man may God take care of the baby and provide wat u will be use as a father for the family

  153. Congratulation, may the glory and protection of the lord be upon the baby in Jesus name.

  154. olorungbemi fatia bola Arike'ade

    Congratulation Allah we bless the baby and ur family

  155. congrats Allah will grant blessing for baby nd family

  156. funmilayo helen dairo

    Congratulations on your new born baby God bless you and your family

  157. Elder Oladipupo oluwaseun

    Am rilly happy for u sir and ur family may almight God of C.A.C ayodele babalola continue be with you and your family in Jesus name. Happy new born baby.

  158. congratulations, Omo naa ani owore leyin, Omo iye ni yio je, Ni Oruko jesu .Amin

  159. Congratulation olorun ha ka no Wa amin hapi new born babe

  160. congrats oooooo

  161. Congratulation sir! May God bless ur new baby and ur family.BABY I LOVE U

  162. Oseni Oluwatimilehin

    Congrats broz….May God b wit u nd ur aushold..

  163. abdulrauf omoola

    may god bless your union, am happy for you sir

  164. To u mother, api safe delivery, to u baby i pray u we live to glorify God and show forth His glory in d land of d living.

  165. Raheem latheephat

    Ire na a da le o. Congrats n a big way.

  166. remilekun Nofisat

    Congrats sir

  167. Yonlonfoun Donami

    Congratulations sir, may God be with d new fruit and continues to bless your family……

  168. Eku ewu omo o,olorun awo oba adasi sir,adagba adogbo

  169. May God bless your new born baby amen u are my best actor in yoroba moving kip up bye

  170. congrats bro, im happy for you bcause you have chose a right path. storm will not arise in ur home and d arrival of this baby shall bring in more blessings to your family in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  171. Great my brother, I appreciate God in ur wife. May ur home stand and every storm of life be seased over ur home in Jesus name. Omo ni Inioluwa


    CONJUGAL BLISS,May God bless ur union and for d baby may he/she continue to grew in health,wealth and joy.May d lord strenghten her/him ur ar welcum to dis new world may God bless us all (AMEN)

  173. May God bless ur lovely family. Congratulations

  174. congratulation best actor is u nd God go bless ur generation nd ur marriage we last

  175. kehinde Adegbeja

    God would bless u and ur family

  176. am happy. 4 u

  177. God bless your baby, your wife is naturally beautiful I like ds

  178. Amin onion. And God bless u and new precious baby.

  179. Am ppy for u congrate

  180. Oluwabusayo Ajayi

    Congra Sir, For Ur Baby

  181. congratulations.May Almighty God bless u nd ur family.Stay cool my favorite actor.

  182. Hello sir I am happy u sir for the bless an joy for u thank god

  183. Am ppy 4 u sir

  184. nice one sir

  185. Congrats ooo.. May God give him her long life on earth ijn

  186. hmmm mai broda odulade adekola omo won ni otun ekiti eku ewu omo olorun awo o

  187. congrat sir

  188. May almighty Allah bless d child 4 u sir, he would be a bless! am happy for u sir.

  189. Congrat baba omo

  190. Mrs adebayo Rachael

    e Ku ori re o

  191. Congrate sir’ma,baby long live and prosperity u w not regret dt u coming to this earth’sir u w not lack in good thing IN JESUS NAME-I LOVE UR FAMILY.

  192. Afolayan Oluwadunmininu

    congratulation for ur new born baby #ADEDORE# nd my kudos 2 his mum dat drve him 2 dz pweety world

  193. Congratulation for d bundle of dat God added to ur family, am happy for u nd ur wife

  194. Promise Akinsiku

    Congrats Sir…many more good things ahead for your family.

  195. Monsurat oyindamola ogungbesan

    Congrats Mr/Mrs Adekola


    God Blessy Ur New Born Baby

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